Buy local. The role of procurement in helping to make Australia Winc

In these times of economic constraint, the impact and importance of buying Australian made goods, as well as having strong local buying plans and targets to increase Australian made and owned spending is critical now more than ever. The benefits are far-reaching for both consumers and the nation. Buying Australian made benefits society by creating more jobs for Australians and supporting our local supply chain. Buying Australian products benefits the economy by keeping money on the ground.

With the Australian at the forefront of national interest, in 2023 Winc undertook a research project to find out the importance of buying local for Australian organisations. In March 2024, we revisited the topic to understand if and how the landscape had changed after 12 months. The research was conducted online by Taverner Research Group between March 24 and April 5, 2023 (34 recruiting professionals participating) and March 11 and March 20, 2024 (22 recruiting professionals participating ).

Download the report for more information.

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