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Canyon celebrates birthday in mobile and PC accessories market

Canyon, the leading brand of mobile and PC accessories, is proud to announce its 20th anniversary. Since its foundation in 2003, Canyon has established itself as an innovative, high-quality brand that meets the needs of its customers around the world with cutting-edge technology. This milestone anniversary confirms the company’s unwavering commitment to creating products that make the digital experience more enjoyable for users.

Over the past two decades, Canyon has steadily evolved, offering a wide range of products with a unique combination of style, performance and reliability. Initially, the brand specialized in the production of components and peripherals for PCs, but later expanded its activities, starting to produce MP3 players, headphones and other electronic devices. In 2007, Canyon achieved unprecedented success with the introduction of a full-featured multimedia desktop PC, cementing its image as a brand focused on the user’s lifestyle.

Canyon’s path continued with pioneering products such as GPS navigators, webcams, headphones, earphones, power supplies and smart watches. Each category further cemented Canyon’s position as a brand that anticipates and meets the growing needs of its customers.

“We are immensely grateful to our customers, partners and employees who have contributed to our success over the past two decades,” said Dmitry Romanenko, Canyon’s Director of Business Development. “Their support and trust have propelled us to new heights, allowing us to create countless unforgettable moments and experiences together.”

Today, Canyon has an extensive product line that includes mobile and PC accessories, as well as wearables such as smart watches and fitness trackers. Over the years, Canyon has expanded its portfolio to include 32 different product categories, offering 380 SKUs. The brand’s commitment to high-quality products at an affordable price has already received positive reviews from customers in more than 30 countries.

One of Canyon’s key categories in Bulgaria is Bluetooth audio devices such as TWS headphones and wireless speakers. TWS-6 are wireless headphones that provide high-quality sound and comfortable use, while TWS-8 are wireless in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation. The BSP-8 Bluetooth speaker is also a popular choice among users. Canyon chargers have also gained a lot of popularity: power banks and wireless charging stations; the brand recently introduced the WS-305, a foldable charging station that allows you to charge 3 devices at once.

Another category of Canyon’s focus is smartwatches, some of which have been developed in collaboration with global industrial designers and combine stylish design, advanced features and high performance.

Canyon will continue to evolve and expand its range to meet the needs of its customers and stay at the forefront of the mobile and computer accessories industry.

“We strive to stay at the forefront of consumer electronics trends and believe our focus on quality, affordability and environmental responsibility will continue to resonate with consumers,” added Dmitry Romanenko. “As we expand our presence in Eastern and Western European markets and the Middle East, we look forward to working closely with our partners and customers to deliver the products they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world.”

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