Transform Your Backyard Space: A Complete Guide to Building Your Own Inflatable Pool

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It’s summer and you’re probably thinking about driving to the beach and going for a swim. But you probably can’t take a break, or you just prefer the comfort of your own home, but still want to relax in a pool of water after a long, hot day. If this is the case, we have the perfect solution for you: an inflatable pool.

Unlike other types of home pools, inflatable pools are a more versatile and easy-to-use option. They are mobile, easy and quick to set up. This also means that you can easily store it when the winter season comes.

With an inflatable pool, it’s easier to cool off during the summer months than taking a quick dip in your own pool. However, it is advisable to buy one before summer arrives, as they tend to sell out quickly.

In addition, inflatable pools are quite easy to maintain as you have the option to put it up or take it down, maintenance free until the next time you use it for your water activities. Read on to learn how to set up an inflatable pool, so you can enjoy your summer vacation with your own backyard pool!

Where can I use the inflatable pool (applicable scenarios)

There are several places where an inflatable pool can be used. Some of them include:

Residential courtyards: One of the most common uses for inflatable pools is in residential backyards. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way for families to cool off during the hot summer months without the expense and maintenance of a permanent pool.

Camping or outdoor retreats: Inflatable pools are also popular at campsites or outdoor retreats where there may not be natural bodies of water nearby. They provide a fun way for campers to relax and cool off after a day of hiking or outdoor activities.

School or community events: Schools and community centers often use inflatable pools for events such as field days, fundraisers or carnivals. They provide a safe and enjoyable activity for children and families to participate in together.

Therapy or rehabilitation centers: Inflatable pools are sometimes used in therapy or rehabilitation settings for aquatic therapy sessions. The buoyancy of water can help relieve pressure on joints and muscles, making it an effective form of exercise for those recovering from injuries or with mobility issues.

Product characteristics

If you’ve read this guide to this point, you might be wondering where to find a high-quality inflatable pool. Now our guide will not be complete without giving you a hint to get the best product, with a great value for money. Here are some of our best selling TaoTronics inflatable pools:

TaoTronics EJ-HF021 Evajoy inflatable pool

The first inflatable pool on our list is the TaoTronics EJ-HF021 Evajoy inflatable pool. With generous dimensions of 118″ X 72″ X 20″, the large family pool can easily accommodate 2 adults and 3-5 children. So you can enjoy a summer stay with your family, in the backyard.

In addition, our pool is equipped with a 0.4 mm thicker PVC construction than the standard model. This ensures puncture resistance and a longer product life. The family-sized pool is also made of BPA-free PVC materials, ensuring safety and preventing scratches during water activities. Not only that, the pool can also function as a ball pit, fishing ponds and a sandpit.

TaoTronics EJ-HF042 Full Size Inflatable Pool

The TaoTronics EJ-HF042 Full Size Inflatable Pool has enough room for 2 adults and up to 5 children to play thanks to its spacious size of 150″ x 70″ x 20″. You can also enjoy sun protection with our patented removable canopy. With this patent technology of Canopy, you can protect yourself and your family from the sun’s UV rays.

In addition, it also guarantees a stable 3-chamber inflation system. This system ensures that your pool maintains its shape and prevents water spills. With its quick inflation and quick deflation, you can easily set up and pack your inflatable pool in no time.

Swimming pool with inflatable top ring TaoTronics EJ-HF035 Evajoy

If you want to organize a summer party but don’t want to go through the hassle of building a permanent pool, we offer you our service. Swimming pool with inflatable top ring TaoTronics EJ-HF035 Evajoy. The inflatable party size pool has a spacious dimension of 18 feet in diameter, a depth of 48″ and a capacity of 5596 gallons, making it an ideal choice for a pool party as it has a capacity of to 9 adults.

Also, it is designed with 0.4mm 6P PVC for the top ring and 0.65mm PVC for the pool body. The pool also includes essential accessories such as a 2000-gallon finger pump, a floor cloth, a pool cover, and a 3.9-foot ladder for easy access.

How to use the inflatable pool

When choosing an inflatable pool, you should consider the size of the pool to suit your family’s needs, as the larger the pool, the more maintenance it will require. Here’s how to set up your inflatable pool:

Prepare the ground

First of all, you want to soften the garden or the area where you want to place your pool. Use a rake and shovel to smooth the area and remove bumps and stones. You can also pour sand into the grass to give the pool floor a softer feel.

Place the tarp on the ground

Place the tarp where you want the pool to sit. Then place some weight on the 4 corners of the tarp to weigh it down. If you plan to use a pool pump or heater, place the tarp near an electrical source. Make sure there are no tear holes in the canvas.

Place the pool on the canvas

Place the inflatable pool in the center of the tarp. Be sure to adjust it so that the pumping machine is facing the outlet. After placing the pool on the tarpaulin, pull the tarpaulin from under the pool so that you do not feel ripples on the bottom of the pool during use.

Inflate the pool

When inflating the pool ring, be careful not to overinflate it so it doesn’t pop. You can use a pool pump or hand pump to safely pump air into the pool ring.

Pool hoses have clamps, so you may need a screwdriver to tighten them. Each inflatable pool model has different setup instructions. See your user guide for how to set it up.

Hoses usually have labels that indicate which goes to the pump and the top of the pool. Check your pool manual for symbols like + and – and find out what they mean. However, do not connect the pump until the pool is full.

Fill the inflatable pool

After connecting the pump hoses, fill the inflatable pool with water. Now that you have filled the inflatable pool with water, you can add chemicals to the water to keep it safe. Next, place a pool cover on top of the pool. You can also take a sample of your pool water to a pool and spa. You can get more instructions on how to properly mix pool water purification chemicals.


Turning your backyard into a haven of relaxation and fun is an exciting endeavor, and selecting the perfect inflatable pool is necessary to maximize your enjoyment during those hot summer days.

Be sure to choose the right inflatable pool model that fits your space and preferences. At TaoTronics, we are dedicated to providing top quality and performance to enhance your outdoor experience. We look forward to the opportunity to help you purchase the ideal inflatable pool for your backyard space.

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