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Highlighting the economic impact.

When Australian products are purchased, a number of positive outcomes are triggered throughout the supply chain, including creating new job opportunities and strengthening the economy. Recent data from Roy Morgan1 shows that if every household spent an extra $10 a week on Australian-made products, it would inject $4.8 billion into the economy each year and create up to 9,500 new jobs.

Feeling towards buying Australian Made.

It is estimated that 67 percent2 of Australians “often” or “always” buy Australian-made products. Motivators for buying local include supporting local employment and the local economy, as well as the quality and reliability associated with Australian-made products.

Industry expert Mark Daniels, Business Director at Social Procurement Australasia, believes that buying local provides an opportunity for organizations and businesses to create a connection within a community.

“Tell stories about the local businesses you buy from, directly or indirectly through a supplier like Winc, and explain why you care about them and how your support benefits the wider economy.”

How organizations can buy into Australian Made in the workplace.

Purchasing Australian made products is a deliberate choice that workplaces should consider in their procurement policy. Encouraging, a Taverner survey commissioned Winc3 found that 68 per cent of Australian procurement professionals say their company is committed to “buying local / Australian-made / Australian-owned products and services”.

Mark Daniels also advocates for companies to develop strong local purchasing strategies.

“Companies should set goals and strategies to increase their local procurement, including identifying suppliers and changing purchasing policies. This may involve changing your tender request process, looking at your current supply chain and identify Australian-made products that are already being used or find new suppliers, or partners like Winc, who can offer local products,” Daniels says.

“Think about how much your organization is willing to spend on local products and set goals to increase your local purchases over time.”

All Australians have a role to play in the future of Australian Made products and services through their purchasing decisions. Implementing a buy-local strategy can strengthen local industries and generate economic benefits for the community.

Winc offers a wide range of Australian made products for all jobs which can be seen here. For more information or help setting local purchase goals, contact your Winc account manager.

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