Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier review

Aus Hi-Fi mag review

(Image credit: Future)

This review and test originally appeared in Australian Hi-Fi magazine, one of What Hi-Fi?’s sister titles from Down Under. Click here for more information about Australian Hi-Fi, including links to buy individual digital editions and details on how best to subscribe.

Roksan’s Attessa streaming amplifier is the company’s first integrated amp to feature a DAC with a network/streaming capability and is said to be a completely ‘in-house’ design. It’s also able to be operated from your phone (or device) using an app called MaestroUnite, which not only allows remote control of the Attessa’s many built-in features – including input configuration, headphone socket output voltage, analogue input gain, channel balance, and low-power standby mode – but also allows you to link to other Roksan components, such as its companion Attessa CD transport, as well as access additional options such as firmware updates when they become available.

Roksan also makes the Attessa available as a standard integrated amplifier (sans the streaming capability), plus there’s also an Attessa turntable available. It’s a pretty comprehensive range.

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