If you have a Fire TV streamer, get this essential accessory in the Black Friday sales

Earlier this year, I spotted the excellent Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro drop to just £25 during the Prime Day sales. Its backlit buttons, additional features and sturdier battery compartment make it a must-have, especially if you’re using your Fire TV streamer in a dark room. I’m elated to announce that the deal is back for Black Friday, and you should certainly pick one up if you’re a Fire TV power user. 

Ok so a secondary remote isn’t what everyone would call essential, but in my mind, the included Alexa Voice Remote included with the likes of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Cube is just a bit rubbish. Without exaggerating, every Fire TV that I’ve used, whether it is my own or a friend’s, the back panel of the remote that holds the batteries in place is loose, and the overall functionality of the remote is fine if not a bit barebones.