I review (and love) DACs so am thrilled this multi-Award winner has a Black Friday deal

I use a DAC every single (working) day to get me through the 9 to 5. The digital-to-analogue converter is essential to making music from my MacBook Pro sound decent through my wired headphones – and from my phone when I’m travelling. I’ve tested more than I could count since they hit the market in the digital-savvy world we now live in, and there’s one DAC line I’ve used continuously since I started working at What Hi-Fi? ten years ago that has never failed me: the AudioQuest DragonFly.

AudioQuest’s DragonFly USB DAC took the hi-fi world by storm when the first ‘Black’ model was first released, delivering on improving desktop audio from a device the size and shape as your average USB stick (remember them?!).