I just knew the Cyber Monday deals would linger – here are my 15 favourites still live

As I’m sure is true for many of us, I spent a fair bit in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – but I’d have bet all my purchases on many of the best Cyber Monday deals carrying into today. Why? Because I’ve covered years of these sales and know that plenty of retailers tend to leave some of their deals lingering for another day or so. Considering these annual sales get longer each year, I was sure it’d be the case.

And hey, I wouldn’t have lost that bet or my purchases! While five of my top 20 deals are now gone – either due to no stock or price rises – 15 of them are still alive and kicking this Tuesday morning. In case you forgot all about the past week’s sales or still have a hunger for bagging a tech bargain, I’ve listed them below.