Elipson’s latest speakers aim to bring the vintage revival to your home, without the high price tag

French audio brand Elipson is rounding off its chic Heritage range of speakers with the final addition to the line. The new XLS 7 speakers have arrived sporting the same vintage aesthetic as their siblings, the XLS11 and XLS15, to create a family of speakers that, according to Elipson, “reflect today’s vintage feel of styling and design”.  

A pair of compact standmounts, the new Elipson XLS 7 bring together the performance elements and internal DNA of the existing Heritage speakers in a compact, stylish package. The two-way speakers sport a bass reflect design with a front-firing port, housing a 16.5cm midrange and a 22mm silk dome tweeter. 

Designed as a pair of attractive, high-quality speakers for users with limited space, the standmount XLS 7 also inherit the Heritage line’s fine adjustment feature which allows for the tweaking of the amplitude of mid and high frequencies to account for local variations in the room in which they’re placed. This should, according to Elipson, allow the XLS 7 to perform competently across genres and styles no matter their location. 

(Image credit: Elipson )

The XLS 7 round out Elipson’s Heritage range, which also features the massive XLS15 and the slimmer XLS11 loudspeakers, with all three models sporting that same vintage, 1970s-inspired design. The retro/vintage styling trend in the hi-fi world shows no stopping, with the Elipson joining the likes of the much higher-end JBL 4329P Studio Monitors and Fyne Audio Vintage Classic X speakers we recently reviewed.