Dan D’Agostino’s high-end modular amp aims to push the boundaries of sonic performance

High-end audio brand Dan D’Agostino has unveiled its new integrated amplifier, and it comes with some serious sonic claims. Targeted very much at the pricier end of the market with a five-figure price tag, the new Momentum MxV sees D’Agostino seeking “a level of performance never before possible in an integrated amplifier”. An impressive claim.

Sharing its DNA with the brand’s existing Momentum Series of separates, the new unit is an integrated Class A design which packs a punch, offering 250W output into 8 ohms. The amp is designed with two interlocking chassis – one for audio circuits, the other for power supply – which allows for better signal isolation and more room to maximise power. There are three pairs of balanced XLR inputs and one pair of RCA inputs, alongside a pair of XLR outputs and a headphone jack.