Audio Pro Link 2 review

This isn’t the first time Audio Pro has attempted to – ahem – link some music streaming smarts to your existing audio system. This Link 2 is the company’s latest effort and features a tidier look as well as some upgraded features in an effort to do the digital audio business. 

In the time between the original Link and the new Link 2, though, it’s an idea that’s gained traction at what could reasonably be called the ‘entry-level’ of music streamer. So does the Link 2 have what it takes to stand out in what is suddenly a fairly competitive market?


(Image credit: What Hi-Fi?)

The Audio Pro Link 2 is on sale now, and in the United Kingdom it’s available for £220, although prices vary across retailers – some list it as high as £270. You can pick one up in the United States for about $290, while customers in Australia will have to part with AU$480 (or something quite like it) to secure one.