3 tips for choosing the right packaging solutions for your business Winc

Make sure the packaging is fit for purpose

Choosing packaging that works is essential to creating a positive end-to-end customer experience. A well-packaged order can leave a lasting impression, reduce returns and even increase sales. “For valuable contents, use packaging made with appropriate protective materials to maintain product integrity and minimize the risk of damage in transit. For added security, consider whether your packaging solutions effectively conceal products and labels,” says Geraldine.

Adopt sustainable solutions for a greener future

Sustainable packaging options have come a long way over the years, and there are now many solutions focused on reducing the environmental impact of doing business.

“Choose packaging solutions that support your organization’s environmental commitments and opt for more sustainable packaging options whenever possible. Don’t just think about the packaging product, think about how it’s delivered to you in the first place. Choose a supplier that walks the talk and builds sustainability into the way they deliver to you,” says Geraldine.

If your company has ESG goals, modifying your packaging solutions can make a significant contribution to achieving your sustainability goals.

“Also make sure you use the right size packaging to minimize carbon emissions and packaging waste. Look for options that are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or made from post-consumer waste,” suggests Geraldine.

Select the right packaging supplier

Geraldine recommends considering the ethical practices and commitment to social responsibility of your supplier base. “Look for partners who prioritize ethical sourcing, transparency and actively work to combat modern slavery in their supply chains. This not only reinforces your commitment to being a good corporate citizen, but also aligns and gives support your brand values.”

At Winc we offer a range of packaging solutions for e-commerce, warehouse and distribution businesses. This range contains the best of what we at Winc use to make our own deliveries to customers and much, much, more. This includes a wide range of sustainable packaging products designed to reduce the environmental impact of doing business.

What sets us apart from other packaging suppliers is that we don’t just sell sustainable packaging. We also help you become more sustainable in the way we do business as part of a total solution. If you’re interested in finding out more, ask your Winc account manager or check out our new range of packaging solutions.

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